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Credit Insurance Solutions

Insurance of Supplier Credit


  • Insolvency of the buyer/ Issuing bank.
  • Failure or refusal of the buyer to pay.
  • Refusal of the buyer to accept goods after shipment.
  • Cancellation of the contract arbitrarily by the buyer.
  • Currency transfer restrictions of the buyer's country / issuing bank's country.
  • Expropriation by the government of the buyer.
  • War or civil disturbance in the buyer/ issuing bank's country.



  • Protects balance sheet against non-payment of export receivables.
  • Enhances the competitiveness.
  • Increases international sales by offering flexible payment terms to overseas customers.
  • Offers to customers open account credit terms while protecting the insured against credit risk.
  • Accesses increased working capital facilities from banks by assigning the insurance policy to the banks as security.



  • Nationals of a Member Country.
  • Corporations or other juridical entities located in ICIEC member countries or owned at least 50% by the IDB or by a Member Country if located in NonMember countries.
  • Goods should have at least 20-30% value added from one or more Member Countries.
  • In case of capital goods or strategic commodities, the above criteria are not applicable. However, the buyer should be in a member country.
  • Goods not prohibited by Islamic Shariah.



Up to 7 years





  1. Exporter enters into a sale contract with importers
  2. The exporter includes an insurance contract with ICIEC and pays premium
  3. The exporter ships the goods to the buyers and declares the shipments to ICIEC
  4. In case one of the buyers fail to pay, the exporter submits a claim to ICIEC which indemnifies the exporter up to 90% of the contract value
  5. ICIEC recovers from the buyer and pays 10% share to the exporter